I can be desk.
Anonymous sent: thingsthatneverhappened.txt

this might be the funniest thing about the entire debaucle because I have seen people crying ‘fake’ all over the internet and I don’t blame you

when he literally fucking said ‘I’m a nice guy’ I was sitting there on the couch like ‘No way. No way did he actually say it do people like this even exist

it was pretty perfect. it was like TOO perfect, so it cracks me up that people are thinking it’s fake because tbh I would too if it hadn’t happened to me

but I wouldn't post fake shit for attention because attention actually kind of makes me freak out I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS I'm happy just being a quiet little tolkien blog out here on the fringes I wonder if somebody's going to recognize me at a con this year and be like LOOK IT'S TUMBLRINA SHUTDOWN OVER HERE and I'll be like wut Anonymous